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Because You Are Interested in becoming closer to Allah; Join Sh Mohammad AlShinawy for an Exclusive FREE Webinar on Social Media and It’s Effects On The Heart!

Who Will You Be on Judgment Day?

The one who’s eager to share their book of deeds with everyone else,

Or the one desperately hiding it behind their back?

Will you look back at everything you shared online and feel content,

Or will you regret it all?

We’ll all be accountable for what we did not only in life, but online,

So if you want to know how to make your online life a pathway to Jannah, and not Jahannam,

Then join Shaykh Mohammad Elshinawy for this FREE LIVE WEBINAR exactly on this subject:

Social Media on The Scales: Will it take you to Heaven or Hell?

Wednesday, Aug 9th
2pm LA, 5pm NY, 10pm UK, 7am Sydney


Who Is Sh
Mohammad Elshinawy?

A graduate of Brooklyn College and Mishkah University, having also studied at the college of hadith in the University of Madinah.

A translator and author of multiple beneficial works concerning matters of the heart, Prophetic character, reflecting upon the Qur’an, and more.

He also serves his community as Imam and Religious Director of Jesus Son of Mary Mosque in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

Shaykh Muhammad is loved for his beautiful manners and poise, as well as his deep knowledge and care for the sunnah of the prophet ﷺ.