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Feeling Distant From Allah?

Want to be an excellent worshipper?

It’s a lifelong process, but if you want to become someone completely immersed in the remembrance of Allah,

Then follow the principles laid out in the Quran, Sunnah, and practices from the best generations.

That’s what this free ebook from Shaykh Mohammed Elshinawy’s new course covers.

Download your copy at the button below.

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About Sh Mohammad Elshinawy

A graduate of Brooklyn College and Mishkah University, having also studied at the college of hadith in the University of Madinah.

A translator and author of multiple beneficial works concerning matters of the heart, Prophetic character, reflecting upon the Qur’an, and more.

He also serves his community as Imam and Religious Director of Jesus Son of Mary Mosque in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

Shaykh Muhammad is loved for his beautiful manners and poise, as well as his deep knowledge and care for the sunnah of the prophet ﷺ.

Download Free Ebook