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Scholarship Fund For

I have heard your complaints.

After launching my online class, “Transformed: Principles of Spiritual Development” there was an incredible amount of interest from around the world. Since I launched the class a few weeks ago, we have had 55,000 visits to the class website, masha Allah.

But I have received many messages from people around the globe who cannot afford it. So I started thinking. Masha Allah, we raise funds to help people in need of food and shelter–which is absolutely essential.
But what about helping people who are struggling emotionally or psychologically. Or spiritually?

So I decided to create a fund to sponsor students who want–and need–to take the class, but cannot afford it.

For the donors, it creates a priceless opportunity. Imagine that a $85 sadaqah could potentially change another person’s life. Not only in this world, but also in the hereafter. In the forever. That’s profound. Imagine what that type of reward could be like in our graves, insha Allah.

Sponsor A Student