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Interested on the topic of women in Islam? Check out this course below that discusses the A-Z of modern woman’s fiqh.

Every Question On Women's Fiqh...

The Complete Online Guided Course


The A-Z of Modern Woman's Fiqh


Every Question On Women's Fiqh
- Answered

The Complete Online Guided Course



Women’s Fiqh has the reputation of being complicated.
It’s been open to misinterpretation and misconception.
And most dangerously, it’s been misused and abused.

That’s why it’s imperative for both women and men…
to get CLEAR answers once and for all.


Clarity in a Pandemic

You’ve heard it all before, how the pandemic has disproportionately affected women. Studies have shown that women have taken more of the burden in terms of domestic responsibilities while still maintaining their own work. Women are also leaving or considering leaving the workforce at a higher rate than men. And when we’ve stayed, studies have shown that we’ve reported more burnout and pressure to work more than men also. It’s been a challenging two years, and as we navigate negotiations around homelife, worklife, and causes we are passionate about, it’s more important than ever that we know the fiqh of women to act with confidence.


End The Confusion And Act With Confidence

The complete guided course covers every stage of a woman’s natural lifecycle:

from newborns, puberty, and education
to marriage, old age, and the eventual burial ceremony…

plus modern Fiqh questions like careers, public speaking, and fashion.


End The Confusion And Act With Confidence

The complete guided course covers every stage of a woman’s natural lifecycle:

from newborns, puberty, and education
to marriage, old age, and the eventual burial ceremony…

plus modern Fiqh questions like careers, public speaking, and fashion.


Imperative to Every Woman and Man - at Every Stage

We’ve collected questions from women around the world, conducted interviews and roundtables to offer a complete experience.

College Students

You may have been told what you can or can’t major in…

…who you can or can’t joke with…

… what you can or can’t wear…

…but how much of that is true?


Things you wonder about are endless…

…from the purity of your newborn’s urine, the shaving of her hair, or your state of tahara during postpartum bleeding…

…or when to apply certain boundaries, or start teaching sex ed?

Working Professionals

Questions about your career choices…

…things you can compromise as a result of your job…

…or concerns about balancing work with family…

…you’ll find the answers ready.

Community Leader

Activism, public speaking, leadership, and co-ed team building…

…whatever your passion, you’ll come across questions and claims that need clarification…

…and here’s where you’ll find them.

Taught by the Most Senior Fiqh Scholar
at AlMaghrib Institute

Shaykh Waleed Basyouni, PhD (the most senior Fiqh Scholar at AlMaghrib Institute) is joined by an advisory council of female experts in academia, spirituality, personal development, nutrition, marital counseling, and medicine.

In addition to serving as AlMaghrib’s Vice President, Shaykh Waleed also serves as a member of the American Muslim Jurists Association (AMJA) and the North American Imam’s Federation (NAIF). He also serves as Imam in one of Houston’s leading mosques.



A course that answered all the questions I have pondered through out my life. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!!! It has saved me from life long research regarding all the basics, ordinary, daily and occasional matters which we all have to deal with. :)))


This was a fantastic course. Being a male, I was not bored for a single moment attending the class. The best part is that Sheikh explained why a certain ruling was reached and what are the different views and opinions regarding it. Helps you appreciate the depth and vastness of our religion.


What an amazing course Alhamdulillah!! Shaykh waleed Basyouni's way of teaching is awesome. I benefitted a lot from this course and am eagerly awaiting the next course Bi'idhnillahi ta'ala.


Such an amazing experience for a first timer! From someone who isn't too keen on fiqh, this course with Syeikh Waleed defninitely was an eye opener, he just made sense, Alhamdulillah. Jazakumullah khairan kathiran Syeikh and everyone involved



In addition to live Q&A sessions, course lessons, and resources. You will also have exclusive access to bonus relevant topics from some of our panelists, and guest speakers.

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Get Answers to Every Question Ever Asked
on Women’s Modern Fiqh

Get exclusive access to the complete guided course today.



How is this online course structured?

This is an enriched online program that includes engaging on-demand video modules recorded in a professional studio with 400+ hours of post-production experts. The dynamic team of professionals worked tirelessly to deliver an unprecedented online learning experience.

To additionally support your online learning, you will have the opportunity to join the instructor in Live sessions to ask questions and engage in discussions based on the released video modules.

When will I have access to the modules?

When you join today, you will have immediate access to the private member portal where the Introduction and Module 1 videos are waiting for you.

When will the Live sessions be scheduled?

The Live sessions timing will be posted once released inside the portal!

How often will modules be released?

A new module will be released every week so you can digest each week’s material at a gradual pace.

How long do I have to complete the program?

Because this online program is self-paced, it is entirely up to you how long it will take to complete. You have lifetime access to learn and process each module at your own comfort level.

What if I am unable to attend the Live session?

You will be provided a recording of the session so you can catch up without missing any content.

What if I have questions to ask the Instructor but can't attend Live?

Simply submit your questions in the member portal Discussion Board and one of AlMaghrib’s Student Support Staff will ask the question in the Live session on your behalf.

How long will I have access to the online program?

For life! You have Lifetime Access to all the materials released in the member portal.

How do I interact with my classmates?

There is a Discussion Area available for students to ask questions and engage in lively discussions with one another, after each Lesson.

Do I have to "Mark Complete" when I've finished watching a video lesson in order to access the next one?

No, the “Mark Complete” feature is added for your own tracking benefit so you can keep record of what you completed.

Access to unreleased modules is automated every week.

Will I be able to ask questions during the bonus sessions?

Of course! Just like any other Live session, you will have the opportunity to ask and interact with the guest lecturer.

What if I am unable to attend the bonus session Live?

Just like any other Live session, you will be provided a recording of the session to review at your own time.

Will the program have an exam like the standard AlMaghrib seminar?

Yes. Once you have completed all the modules, you will be able to take a final exam just like you would a standard AlMaghrib seminar.

Will this program count as credit towards my graduation?

Yes, once you take and pass the exam, this will count as credit towards your Bachelor’s degree graduation.

Are family discounts available?

Yes. Please email us at for information on family discounts.

I am having trouble signing into my private member portal. What should I do?

We’re sorry for the trouble. Please contact us at and we will be happy to help you.

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