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Our Goal


Funded So Far

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“Do the people think that they will be left alone to say, “We believe” and they will not be tested?” Surat Al-Ankaboot v. 2

What The Past
Has Looked Like

For 18 years, AlMaghrib Institute has educated, inspired and connected the largest student body of Islamic studies in the English speaking world.

The Future &
Coming Challenges

Covid19 has come with an incredible test, the cancellation of 20 onsite seminars globally throughout March and April, coupled with no onsite events in the foreseeable future has left AlMaghrib Institute in a condition more vulnerable than we have ever been.

But, in sha Allah, we can get through this.

That’s why we’re asking you to invest in Islamic Education.

Invest in AlMaghrib Institute.

Become 1 of 500 and SUPPORT AlMaghrib through this crisis. In doing so you will receive sadaqah jaariyah for you and a lifetime access to FaithEssentials and twelve seminars, onsite or online, for $1000.


Faith Essentials is the most complete online learning portal on what the average Muslim needs to know about their religion. Equipped with its own easy to use app, FaithEssentials has been running for over two years.

We have invested completely in our online learning platforms and in response to the Covid19 crisis have given free access to communities for FaithEssentials resulting in over 14,000 sign ups in 4 days (in fact you can download the FaithEssentials app today and take the tour yourself at the App Store or Google Play)

With the online infrastructure already in place, AlMaghrib Institute is uniquely positioned to meet the needs of a world that has been forced completely online.

And here is where we partner up and invest in the future together.

We are offering for 500 Guardians of AlMaghrib, lifetime access to Faith Essentials and twelve seminars, onsite or online, for a contribution of $1000.


AlMaghrib Online is a platform with an existing catalogue of 8 blockbuster seminars -and more on the way- recorded in studio for an online audience.

Choose seminars on-demand from our existing catalogue of seminars that have been professionally recorded and produced for an online audience; you.


FaithIQ is the first complete free video library of answers to everyday, contemporary Islamic questions. Hosted on Youtube, FaithIQ.Com and the FaithIQ App over 600 videos have been released and viewed over 3 million times since the project’s launch in 2017.


QuranRevolution was the response to a consistent and real pain being communicated to us from students worldwide. The inability to recite the Quran in adulthood due to lack of access, lack of structure or lack of time. QuranRevolution became our one stop solution to be able to gift people the greatest gift we could, the ability to connect with the Quran and recite it with confidence.

What You Are

The investment in growth, academics and scholarships.


Invest In Technology And Growth To Reach More Muslims

  • Produce Daily FaithIQ Videos
  • Free MSA Events
  • Volunteer Training
  • Hiring More Experts In Marketing And Video Teams


Make It Easier For Everyone To Gain Knowledge

  • For Low Income Families
  • For Huffadh
  • For Masjid Youth Groups
  • For MSA & Islamic Schools


Build On Creating Relevant Content & Developing Instructors

  • Research Teams
  • New Curriculum For Gen. Z
  • In Class Experience
  • Interactive E-Binders
  • New Instructor Development
  • Publishing In House Books


Zaynab bint Jahsh
The Generous

The prophet (S) had told his wives that the most generous of them would be the first one to catch up to him, it was Zaynab. May you walk in her generous footsteps. As a thank you, enjoy lifetime access to Faith Essentials and 6 onsite or online seminars!

Join Zaynab bint Jahsh!


Umm Sulaym
The Gift

Umm Sulaym arguably gave the Prophet (S) the longest lasting gift that he received upon his arrival in Medinah, her son Anas ibn Malik to be his servant. She taught us the importance of being deliberate and strategic in your gift giving. Not only will you enjoy personal access to Faith Essentials for 1 full year, you can also gift a loved one the same. Think of the value you just added to another person’s life.

Join Umm Sulaym!


Al-Qa’Qa’ ibn ‘Amr
The Reinforcement

Al-Qa’Qa’ was the first reinforcement to join Al-Qadisiyyah, the famous campaign against the Persian Empire and his arrival brought incredible happiness to the Muslim army because of his known heroism. Abu Bakr had said about him, “Al-Qa’Qa’s voice in an army is better than the presence of 1,000 men.”  May you always be a reinforcement to good. As a thank you, enjoy personal access to Faith Essentials for 1 full year.

Join Al-Qa'Qa' ibn 'Amr!


Abu DahDah
The Opportunity

He was the great companion who gave an orchard of palm trees up for the sake of Allah. He sold it to Allah. And in return he received many shady trees in Paradise. May Allah accept from you and gather you with the companions and prophets in Paradise.
Your support will grow the scholarship fund for students in need.

Join Abu DahDah!