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Another Opportunity,
To Understand Mental
Health In Islam

Over 4,000 have chosen to be a hero for themselves or others by learning about Mental Health from the Islamic paradigm.

Fellow IlmSeeker, we closed doors officially last week only to wake up to an overwhelming demand for people still wanting to get in.

Let’s face it, we made this course pay what you want because we wanted everyone who was interested to take this course.

No questions asked.

So we’re keeping the doors open through the weekend.

One catch, we are CLOSING Dec 6.

So sign up now!

Pay What You Want

Islamic Solutions for Mental, Physical, and Spiritual Wellbeing

In An Interactive Online Course With Sh Omar Suleiman, Omar Husain, and Sarah Sultan

Scroll down to understand how you can be a hero for yourself and others...


Pay What You Want

If You Think This Couldn’t Affect You Or Your Loved Ones,
Think Again

1 in 6 people per week face a common mental health problem..

Depression is cited as one of the leading causes of disability worldwide and suicide rates continue to climb year by year, especially among young people.

Our daily lives aren’t conducive to good mental health.

Work/life imbalance, social media, loneliness, technology, financial struggles and a heap of other modern norms place tremendous pressure on us mentally and spiritually.

Overcoming the pressures of modernity requires an understanding of what mental health is, its impact, and practical steps to maintain a sound mind.

Pay What You Want

Mental Health Knowledge Should Be Accessible To All.
Pay What You Want!

Though the attention given to mental health in recent years has increased, mental health resources have yet to reach the level of accessibility the world desperately needs. That’s why we’ve created this unique course as pay what you want.  As little or as much as you can. You’ll have lifetime access to come back to it again and again. But doors will close for this soon, so make sure to register now!

Pay What You Want

Your Guides…

We've brought in three specialists in psychology, counselling,
and the Islamic sciences, to take this subject head-on…

Sarah Sultan LMHC is a licensed professional counsellor, having obtained a Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling and has practised therapy for nearly 10 years.

She is both a research fellow at Yaqeen Institute for Islamic Research and an instructor at Mishkah University.

With her commitment to her work and fascination with the intersections between Islam, psychology, and counselling, it’s no wonder why Sarah is the perfect instructor for this course.

Dr Omar Husain graduated from Al-Azhar University with a degree in Islamic studies and Arabic.

He is a Licensed Professional Counselor Associate, a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor, and holds a doctorate in Counselor Education and Supervision at the University of Texas at San Antonio.

His knowledge of the Islamic and social sciences makes him uniquely equipped to address contemporary challenges faced by the average Muslim.

Dr Omar Suleiman’s accolades speak for themselves. He’s a professor of Islamic Studies at Southern Methodist University, resident scholar at Valley Ranch Islamic Center and President of Yaqeen Institute.

As a valued AlMaghrib instructor who has taught Islamic Studies at the university level since 2008,  Dr Omar brings his understanding of the science of Tazkiyah (Islamic spirituality) and signature eloquence to the course.

Pay What You Want

We Are All
In This Together...

Our partnered organizations


Women Who Have Experienced Abuse At Least Once In Their Lives


leading cause of death for mid-to-late teens is suicide


Of the world’s population suffer from anxiety disorders

Tackling Taboo: Be A Hero For Yourself And Others

Domestic violence, substance abuse, bullying, all contribute to unsound mental health.

Though we have a rich tradition and guidance to help us overcome these obstacles, speaking about them openly is something we avoid like the plague.

Ignoring these problems, however, won’t make them any less real. In fact, it makes them far more dangerous.

Raising awareness and educating ourselves about mental health can help curb these ugly consequences.

Understanding the signs of mental illness will not only anchor you through the storms in your own life, but enable you to help those around you, those who can’t voice their emotions and struggles.

Pay What You Want

Protect Your Mental Wellness

Mental wellness is one of the cornerstones of being a well-rounded person. If your mental health is off, it means you’re not seeing life through the best lens.

With the increased isolation brought about by recent events, many of us have had to come to terms with what we’re going through and how we’re feeling.

Knowing how to perform mental health maintenance will better equip you to navigate through life.

Join Dr Omar Husain, Sarah Sultan (LMHC) and Dr Omar Suleiman as they walk us through the ins and outs of mental health through the lens of Islam.

Pay What You Want

Learn About...

Pay What You Want

Who Is This Course For?

We are not providing therapy or counselling. This isn’t a quick fix for serious mental health disorders. Our aim is to help our students navigate common mental health problems and provide practical steps towards mental and spiritual maintenance. You’ll find that even taking small steps can make a big difference in your mental health.

If you’re somebody who…

Works in a face-to-face environment

Deals with people on a regular basis

Has friends and family members dealing with mental health issues

Has trouble finding balance in our fast-paced modern world

Struggles with emotional highs and lows

Wants to know how to effectively handle difficult circumstances

Then this course is not to be missed! Whether it’s to support others through emotional turmoil, the skills imparted by this course are invaluable to the modern Muslim.

Pay What You Want


How is this online course structured?

This is an enriched online program that includes engaging on-demand video modules recorded in a professional setting. The dynamic team of professionals worked tirelessly to deliver an unprecedented online learning experience.

To additionally support your online learning, you will have the opportunity to join the instructor in Live sessions to ask questions and engage in discussions based on the released video modules.

When will I have access to the modules?

When you join today, you will have immediate access to the private member portal where all modules are waiting for you.

When will the Live sessions be scheduled?

Live Q&A sessions are as below:
October 26th (1PM EST)
November 16th (2PM EST)
November 30th (2PM EST)

How long do I have to complete the program?

Because this online program is self-paced, it is entirely up to you how long it will take to complete. You have lifetime access to learn and process each module at your own comfort level.

What if I am unable to attend the Live session?

You will be provided a recording of the session so you can catch up without missing any content.

What if I have questions to ask the Instructor but can't attend Live?

Simply submit your questions in the Ask Questions tab and one of AlMaghrib’s Student Support Staff will ask the question in the Live session on your behalf.

How long will I have access to the online program?

For life! You have Lifetime Access to all the materials released in the member portal.

Will I be able to ask questions during the bonus sessions?

Of course! Just like any other Live session, you will have the opportunity to ask and interact with the guest lecturer.

What if I am unable to attend the bonus session Live?

Just like any other Live session, you will be provided a recording of the session to review at your own time.

Will the program have an exam like the standard AlMaghrib seminar?

Yes. Once you have completed all the modules, you will be able to take a final exam just like you would a standard AlMaghrib seminar.

Will this program count as credit towards my graduation?

Yes, once you take and pass the exam, this will count as credit towards your Bachelor’s degree graduation.

I am having trouble signing into my private member portal. What should I do?

We’re sorry for the trouble. Please contact us at and we will be happy to help you.

How many hours are the modules in total?

These are approximate hours of each module:
Module 1 – 4 hours
Module 2 – 4 hours 31 min
Module 3 – 2 hours 2 min