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After doing a decade of seminars across the world, we noticed a consistent trend of day-to-day questions that our Scholars receive. Keeping up is impossible, so hundreds of Muslims go unanswered. An even greater loss is that they’re repeated questions that could have easily been answered.

Last year, we started with the goal of identifying and answering common questions that we receive in short videos. Answered by qualified scholars who understand contemporary issues in the light of our surroundings.

With over 3 millions viewers since 2017, we can confidently say we are filling a much needed void in the community.

Since it’s successful launch in 2017 Faith IQ has helped answer more than 650 questions by world renowned scholars and teachers. We have delivered high quality professional videos for your benefit. We have garnered a combined viewership of more than 100,000+ members, 3,000,000 million views and our videos have been watched for more than 100,000+ hours worldwide.

Help us deliver free, top notch and thoroughly researched Islamic videos daily. Support us so that we can answer your questions and make them accessible to everyone in high quality video format.

The demand is immense.

Our inboxes are flooded with questions and we are continuously growing our team to keep up.

In fact, since the beginning, we have received over 4,000 questions – there is a lot of room to grow.

Your support today will help FaithIQ grow and increase it’s reach by:

  • Staying completely FREE and OPEN for everyone
  • Delivering answers faster and to more Muslims around the world
  • Acquiring equipment to increase recording capacity
  • Adding long form video answers to complex issues
  • Adding transcription of videos into articles
  • Adding dedicated operations & support staff
  • Website & mobile app maintenance

Imagine every single person who benefits through Faith IQ being written on your book of deeds. Imagine every person who becomes more confident with their Islam and ends confusion to make their life easy.

This is an amazing opportunity to multiply your rewards with your sadaqah jaariya that keeps working for you.


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