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Change Your Life With This Du'a

A New On-Demand Course

Explore Belief and Hypocrisy through the lens of the Quran & Seerah

Join Dr. Omar Suleiman to discover key qualities of believers and hypocrites, and how to protect your eman from the destructive forces around you and within.

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For The First Time...

We are taking a deep dive into hypocrisy and belief from the viewpoint of the Quran and Seerah. 

It’s tafsir, storytelling, and deep spiritual reflection all in one, and you can get the full experience here.

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Becoming Stronger
In Your Faith...

The Quran is filled with warnings about the hypocrites.

In fact, just like there’s an entire surah dedicated to the Mu’minun (Believers)

There is an entire surah dedicated to the Munafiqun,

Because from the time of the Prophet ﷺ till now,

There will always be those who sincerely, and those who don’t.

If you want to know how to strengthen your faith, and protect yourself from hypocrisy,

Then Dr. Omar Suleiman’s newest course was made for you.

Faith or Fake:
Study the believers and hypocrites through Quranic verses and episodes of the Seerah

The first AlMaghrib Online Course of its kind, you haven’t studied the seerah like this!

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Why Study
Belief & Hypocrisy?

Your sincerity is under constant attack,

Social media, unrealistic expectations, clout chasing culture, everything today challenges our intentions,

And when intentions become corrupted, we risk becoming our own worst enemy:

“…They Are The Enemy, So Beware Of Them!” [63:4]

Allah isn’t talking about the open disbelievers here,

But the ones who hide under the mask of faith, the hypocrites.

Knowing the signs of hypocrisy is a vital part of being a true believer,

And this unique course explores exactly that; the symptoms of hypocrisy and their cure: belief.

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The Best Of The Best
Were Cautious About This

A man from the salaf once said:

“I met 70 companions of the Prophet (S), and every one of them feared they were a hypocrite”

The heart is a thing that constantly turns,

And keeping it in check means knowing exactly what signs to look for.

Throughout this 12+ in-depth experience, Dr Omar will take you on a journey through the lives of the best believers and worst hypocrites in the time of the Prophet ﷺ

And through his seerah, you will gain a deeper understanding of what it means to believe.

All this and more, is available on-demand, right now.

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Self-Doubt Can Be
A Good Thing Too...

Believe it or not,

Because to believe is to be cautious of hypocrisy…

But in order to know what it means to be a true believer, you have to look back at the greatest examples of belief,

And the worst examples of hypocrisy,

So you can know exactly what qualities to implement in your life, and what to avoid.

That’s why throughout this 12+ hours in-depth experience, Dr. Omar will take you on a journey through the lives of the best and worst in the community of the Prophet ﷺ

And through his seerah, you will gain a deeper understanding of what it means to believe.

All this and more, is available on-demand, right now.

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About Dr. Omar Suleiman

Dr. Omar has dedicated years to the science of Tazkiyyah- purification of the soul,

Through courses like Behind The Scenes, and The Big Picture, his focus has been on making spiritual concepts practical and applicable in your daily life,

And now he is applying that expertise to a subject we’ve never explored in a full online course.

In Faith or Fake, Dr. Omar brings his inspirational storytelling skills to give you a new perspective on the past, and how it relates to your present day.

Bringing together Tafsir, Seerah, and in-depth reflections on the stories of believers and hypocrites in the time of the Prophet ﷺ, and the lessons we can derive from them today…

…And right now you can get the entire course with lifetime access.

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Contributing And Guest

Alongside Dr. Omar Suleiman this course has invited other contributing instructors to give key insights into the topic of belief and hypocrisy.

Contributing Instructor

Sh Suleiman Hani

Shaykh Suleiman Hani is the Director of Academic Affairs at AlMaghrib Institute, a research scholar for Yaqeen Institute, and a resident scholar in Michigan. At the age of 14, Suleiman completed a 10-month Qur’an memorization program and began his intensive studies under numerous scholars, earning dozens of traditional religious certifications in the process. He later earned a master’s degree from the University of Jordan’s College of Shari’ah, ranking first in his class, and a master’s degree from Harvard University, where he studied religions, philosophy, political science, and psychology. Over the past decade, he has served as an Imam and community leader in Michigan, lectured in dozens of countries, published a number of books and articles, and was featured on the largest Islamic TV stations worldwide.

Guest Instructor

Sh Mohammed ElShinawy

Mohammad Elshinawy graduated in English Literature from Brooklyn College and Islamic Studies from Mishkah University. He is the Religious Director of Jesus Son of Mary Mosque (Pennsylvania), Research Fellow at Yaqeen Institute and Instructor at Mishkah University

Guest Instructor

Ust. Taymiyyah Zubair

Ustadha Taimiyyah Zubair is an established teacher of Quran with a focus on Tafsir and Word Analysis. She is a respected and inspirational role model, teaching both globally and in her community for more than a decade.

Ustadha Taimiyyah studied under her parents and scholars, Dr. Idrees Zubair and Dr. Farhat Hashmi (founders of Al Huda International). She has been a student and teacher, at Al Huda Institute, of various Islamic Sciences including Arabic Grammar, Hadith and Fiqh.

Bismillah. Sh. Omar Suleiman, in my humble opinion, is blessed by Allah swt with clarity in speech and thought. His strengths are his coherent speech, to the point instructions and kind demeanor. His lessons are really structured and that helps alot in learning concrete things.


Shaikh Omar Suileman is very knowledgeable. He has a gentle manner about him. It was easy to watch and learn from him because he presents in such a way that encouraged me to want to learn more about Islam and become a better Muslim.


The presentation of material in an organized fashion that allowed me as the student to grasp all the content presented in an organized manner in the mind. Speaking to the examples of the Prophets (alahim il salat wal salam) and Companions in a fashion that allowed for it to be relate able to the audience.


Sheikh Omar Suleiman is knowledgeable, was structured, clear & creative in how to resolve the problem he spoke in easy to understand language and he spoke engaging and with confidence. AlhamduliLlah.


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How is this online course structured?

This is an enriched online program that includes engaging on-demand video modules recorded in a professional setting. The dynamic team of professionals worked tirelessly to deliver an unprecedented online learning experience.

To additionally support your online learning, you will have the opportunity to join the instructor in Live sessions to ask questions and engage in discussions based on the released video modules.

When will I have access to the modules?

When you join today, you will have immediate access to the private member portal where Module 1 is waiting for you.

When will the Live sessions be scheduled?

The Live sessions timing will be posted once released inside the portal!

How long do I have to complete the program?

Because this online program is self-paced, it is entirely up to you how long it will take to complete. You have lifetime access to learn and process each module at your own comfort level.

What if I am unable to attend the Live session?

You will be provided a recording of the session so you can catch up without missing any content.

What if I have questions to ask the Instructor but can't attend Live?

If you are unable to watch live, the recordings will be available to watch within 24hrs after the live has concluded. You have lifetime access to the portal and all recordings.

How long will I have access to the online program?

For life! You have Lifetime Access to all the materials released in the member portal.

Will the program have an exam like the standard AlMaghrib seminar?

Yes. Once you have completed all the modules, you will be able to take a final exam just like you would a standard AlMaghrib seminar.

Will this program count as credit towards my graduation?

Yes, once you take and pass the exam, this will count as credit towards your Bachelor’s degree graduation.

Are family discounts available?

Yes. Please email us at for information on family discounts.

I am having trouble signing into my private member portal. What should I do?

We’re sorry for the trouble. Please contact us at and we will be happy to help you.

Is there financial assistance available?

Yes, financial assistance is available. Please click on this application form and complete it, and wait for the update from the Student Support team