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Have You Ever Felt Abandoned?

Some of the greatest people to walk the earth experienced abandonment in their lives.

The prophets, the scholars and the pious predecessors.

One of the most celebrated scholars in our history, Imam Bukhari, faced a lot of ridicule and other challenges in his life.

But his excellence outlived him and he’s celebrated to this day.

Download this free ebook and discover 4 profound lessons from the life if Imam Bukhari.

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Who Is Dr. Suleiman?

Shaykh Omar has taught Islamic Studies at the university level since 2008. As a valued AlMaghrib instructor, Shaykh Omar developed one of the most successful seminars “Behind the Scenes: An In-Depth Study of the Spiritual Practices of the Best Generations”. He also is one of the main features at our annual conferences and retreats: IlmFest and IlmSummit.

In media, he’s one of the creators of the internationally acclaimed “Inspiration Series” which has reached millions of Muslims and Non Muslims through YouTube and Islamic Television stations worldwide. He’s also known for his series on Quran weekly as well as his contributions to Hadith of the Day.