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All His Problems Were
Solved By This

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Master Mindfulness and Take your Salah to the Next Level

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Your Salah is Your Greatest Tool

Allah describes the believers in the chapter of Al-Mu’minoon verses 1 and 2:

“Successful are the believers, those who are mindful in their prayers.”

And so the believers, after having faith, are first described with their prayers.

So we know immediately that our success is tied to our prayers.

It is a tool that will not only transform your hereafter, but the quality of your life now.

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Where the pain comes from…

We pray but don’t understand what we are saying.

We are told to be mindful but were never taught HOW to be mindful..

We haven’t INVESTED in both aspects of the communication of the prayer; knowing what Allah is saying when He is speaking to us, and mastering how to speak to Him in the prayer.

Far from the intimate conversation and connection it was designed to be, it’s become a robotic exercise.

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Where the pain comes from…

The Prophet ﷺ once saw a man praying and told him to repeat it again, and again, and a third time, because he kept rushing through it.

Stillness, being present, being mindful, is a pillar of the prayer.

It’s the secret ingredient that ties the entire experience together.

We’ve laid out a guide to help you tap into that secret:

A Mindful Salah
with Shaykh Ammar AlShukry

It’s the online  guide to making your signal with Allah stronger than ever before.

Shaykh Ammar is taking you through the process of fortifying your mind and heart in the Salah.

You can access your map to mindfulness right away!

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Transform Your
Salah Through…

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Student Experiences

Sh Ammar delivers this course with such sincerity, replete with spiritual gems and practical tips throughout , bringing every successive stage of the prayer to life. He does so in such an interactive, engaging manner, that you come away from each class on a spiritual high, truly connected to your Lord!

Without a shadow of a doubt, this is definitely way up there in my favourites courses, and I highly recommend it to anyone who is yearning to transform their prayers from an act of routine/obligation into an eagerly anticipated act of love and devotion to their Rabb which they don't want to end.

– Madina Rangrej

This course was amazing. I have taken a few Mindfulness in Salah courses. However, this one was so practical to our working lives. The Sheikh gave tips for us to implement in our lives in order to work towards a mindful Salah. And I loved how he broke down each aspect of the Salah! I definitely recommend this course to everyone. InshAllah, it increases your Mindfulness in Salah like it did mine!!

– Maiza Khan

Your Pilot
on This Ascension

Shaykh Ammar AlShukry is a graduate of AlMaghrib’s degree program who went on to study under the tutelage of some of America’s greatest scholars. 

Known for his eloquence, charisma and habit of dropping heavy bars in every course, Shaykh Ammar is making sure your ascent to a mindful Salah is one you’ll never forget.

This course has been a long time coming, as Shaykh himself says:

“I wanted to solve a problem that I have… to figure out how to collect this material for my own benefit but at the same time I realized that this is a problem that the entire Ummah suffers from.”

Ascension is the fruit of that realization.

It’s been tried and tested over a whole year, even taught in person at Shaykh Ammar’s local masjid in Houston, Texas.

Here’s just a few examples of how Ascension has already impacted people’s lives…

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How is this online course structured?

This is an enriched online program that includes engaging on-demand video modules recorded in a professional setting. The dynamic team of professionals worked tirelessly to deliver an unprecedented online learning experience.

To additionally support your online learning, you will have the opportunity to join the instructor in Live sessions to ask questions and engage in discussions based on the released video modules.

When will I have access to the modules?

When you join today, you will have immediate access to the private member portal where the Introduction and Module 1 videos are waiting for you. The following modules will be released in the coming weeks so you can digest each week’s material at a gradual pace.

When will the Live sessions be scheduled?

The Live sessions timing will be posted once released inside the portal!

How long do I have to complete the program?

Because this online program is self-paced, it is entirely up to you how long it will take to complete. You have lifetime access to learn and process each module at your own comfort level.

What if I am unable to attend the Live session?

You will be provided a recording of the session so you can catch up without missing any content.

What if I have questions to ask the Instructor but can't attend Live?

Simply submit your questions in the Ask Questions tab and one of AlMaghrib’s Student Support Staff will ask the question in the Live session on your behalf.

How long will I have access to the online program?

For life! You have Lifetime Access to all the materials released in the member portal.

Will the program have an exam like the standard AlMaghrib seminar?

Yes. Once you have completed all the modules, you will be able to take a final exam just like you would a standard AlMaghrib seminar.

Will this program count as credit towards my graduation?

Yes, once you take and pass the exam, this will count as credit towards your Bachelor’s degree graduation.

Are family discounts available?

Yes. Please email us at for information on family discounts.

Is there financial assistance available?

Yes, financial assistance is available. Please click on this application form and complete it, and wait for the update from the Student Support team.

I am having trouble signing into my private member portal. What should I do?

We’re sorry for the trouble. Please contact us at and we will be happy to help you.