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Understanding True Love

Want to know a major cause for couples falling out of love?

It’s having unrealistic expectations of married life.

Many people’s idea of true love is shaped by popular media,

And so when things don’t turn out that way, we might think something is wrong.

This free ebook contains 6 truths about love in Islam,

To help you understand how to flourish in your relationships, present, or future.

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Who Is Shaykh Waleed Basyouni?

Dr Waleed is both one of our senior-most scholars and cherished leaders in the Western Muslim world.

A long-time instructor and Vice President of AlMaghrib Institute where he serves as Head of our Islamic Theology and Ethics Department.

As a seasoned Imam he has his finger on the pulse of the community, and has years of experience advising Muslim couples and guiding them through marital disputes.

He has taught The Fiqh of Love in cities around the world, and has revamped the program for you in this new in-depth, on-demand edition.

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