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Support Islamic Education. Grow Your Legacy

Having recently enjoyed our 10-year anniversary celebrating success, and despite being immensely proud of our achievements since 2002 with the tawfīq of Allah, we wish to aim higher and not rest on our laurels, as our CEO Noor Syed said, “The success of an organisation is measured in decades, not years.”

We continue to move forward, expanding into new cities that have been requesting our seminars for years, but also increasing access to our seminars in our existing cities for those students who require financial aid. Currently we fundraise to provide sponsorships for almost 3000 students every year, as well as seeking donations to support the AlMaghrib Endowment Fund which aims to be that sadaqah jāriyah opportunity for all those who wish to support the spreading of premier Islamic education.

More than anything else, we are committed to continually appraising and improving our efforts of doing this blessed work of teaching people their religion, and with your support we know we will only get better and better in shā Allāh.

“Still vividly recall the first AlMaghrib class that came to MI almost 10 years ago. It’s been a part of my life ever since. Highly qualified instructors, beneficial curriculum, and exceptionally enlightening teaching methods make you sit and wait for the next class to come around”
– Noor Salem

“It’s a game-changer. I’ve been taking every class I’m able to since 2006 and I wish I would have started sooner!”
– Widad Mezahi

Support AlMaghrib. Grow Your Legacy.